The rules for playing video poker are straightforward. Before you start playing video poker, you must decide on one of the video poker modalities. You will have to pay attention to the mode of the machine you are going to play because, depending on the pattern, one strategy or another must follow. The method shows on the computer.

The most popular video poker game is “Jacks or Better” (Jacks or Better). The rules of the video poker are the same for all modalities, what differentiates one pattern from another will be the payment table (depending on the mode, some combinations will signify more than others). This table is present on the machine.

Video Poker Rules: How Many Credits Do You Want to Play Per Roll

Once you have chosen the video poker machine, you must select the number of credits for which you want to play each role. You can choose to play between 1 and 5 credits per spin. This value can be modified whenever you want. If you play for the maximum credits and you get a color ladder to the Ace (royal flush), you will get the highest possible prize. This prize is quite significant if we compare it with the rest of the awards.

Video Poker Doses Are Wildcards

Video Poker Payments Table “Doses Son Wildcards”. The prize of the Royal Flush is 4000 credits when you are playing the five loans.

Video Poker Rules: How to Play a Roll?

  • After choosing the credits to be played, you can press the deal (deal) button. Then five cards on the screen will appear. The objective of the video poker game is to get one of the winning combinations that appear in the prize table. The better the mix, the more credits you will earn.
  • Of the five cards that appear, you will be entitled to discard, and we will see that the strategy to play video poker lies in making a good discard. We will have to keep the cards that give us more possibilities to achieve the best possible combination.
  • Of the five initial cards, you can discard as many as you wish. A “save” or “hold” button appears below each tag. You must press the save button on each card of the cards you want to keep. Once you have retained the cards you want to keep, then press the deal button again. In this way, the final hand will appear changing the unsaved cards for new ones.
  • If, after the second card deal, a winning combination of the ones shown in the table has been achieved, the sum of credits corresponding to the combination made and the number of credits played in the roll will have been earned. In case of not producing any combination, you will lose the wagered credits.

Double the Bet

  • In the case of getting a winning combination, some video poker machines will give you the possibility to “double” or “double” what you have won. Depending on the computer, we will propose one challenge or another, the two challenges to “double” the gains consist of the following:
  • 5 cards will be shown on the screen, one of them uncovered. At this time, one of the 4 covered cards will have to be chosen. If the value of the card selected is higher than the value of the uncovered card, the challenge will have been won, and therefore the amount won will be doubled. Otherwise, the lost is lost. You can consider this as a “double or nothing” bet.
  • A face-down card shows on the screen, and the challenge is to guess if the card suit is “Red” (Hearts and Diamonds) or is “Black” (Spades and Clubs)
  • If you win the challenge of “doubling,” the machine will once repeat the possibility of “doubling.”
  • On the other hand, different video poker machines offer two options when doubling:
  • “Fold”: play to increase everything earned.
  • “Fold half”: in this case, half of what you will earn will be saved on one hand, and on the other hand, the other half is played to “double or nothing.” In this way, we ensure half of the amount wagered and only risk by doubling the other half.
  • In video poker machines with the options of “double” and “double half” whenever you win a double challenge, the video poker machine will ask us if we want to “double” or “double half” what we have gained until now.