Free Video Poker Games

Free Video Poker Games

Video Poker and Its Secrets

Each game has its own rules and dynamics, and there are different online casinos to play them, either for free or for a fee. And the most important of all this is that you can play them without registering and without downloading. Video Poker Online was one of the precursors among these virtual games, which first appeared at the end of the 70s combining various resources, such as television monitors with a reliable data processing center.

Main Characteristics of Video Poker

Video Poker has become over the years one of the main attractions in all casinos in the world, because of the enormous popularity, the game has been replicated in different formats, whether for mobile devices, computers, and of course, new machines in physical casinos all over the world. Over time the games of chance have evolved and also expanded, to the point of reaching different versions or modalities of the same game. Throughout this article, we will dedicate ourselves to show you the rules that you must follow to play the different patterns of these online games, and other tips, such as strategies and tricks for Video Poker.

Traditional Table Poker Modalities

The first thing you should know is that the game mode is entirely different from table poker since each one has its conditions. There are different styles of poker, among which we must highlight open poker, closed poker, shared card poker, and assorted poker. The most played is covered poker (five closed or draw poker), the seven open (also known as a seven-card stud), the Omaha (version in which the player sees four closed cards of which he must use only two), and five community of which he must use three to form his game.  Texas Hold’em, perhaps the most popular in the world, and the most played in international tournaments (10 players per table, each one is given two cards, and then the Flop is uncovered with three cards, then another on the Turn and one last on the River). In these types of poker, unlike Video Poker, it is essential to have a right hand, but also to know how to deceive the opponents, since you can win with the best hand, or making them throw their cards.

Video Poker Modalities

Now, having done a little tour of the different types of table poker, let’s focus once more on Video Poker, how do you play? Which are your principal characteristics? Yes, the game modes of Video Poker are elementary, although you should consider that this is a purely random game. Video Poker has different game modes, the most popular of all is “Jacks or Better,” or in Spanish (Jacks or Better), although there are others, such as All American, Tens or Better, Ases and Faces, or Bonus Poker. Although in all these, their game mode is the same, the paytables are different. Therefore, you must pay attention to the type of Video Poker that you are playing, continuing One or another game strategy. These tables are always present on all Video Poker machines, or the same site as Online Video Poker. Now, yes, we know that you already understand the difference between the types of Video Poker Online, but surely now you will want to know in-depth the rules of the game and the tricks you can apply to win, well, you better keep reading.


What are The Rules of Video Poker?

You already know the most important, or well, part of the most important thing, that you have to look at the type of Video Poker to establish a game strategy according to the paytable, and well, how many credits do you need for each roll? If you already know the type of Video Poker you are playing, whether online or live, paid or free, it is crucial that you choose the number of credits you want to bet on each play (if you are playing with real money, of course, the decision is more critical). You can choose between 1 and 5 credits for each roll, and the values of these credits can be modified on each play. Thus, under this dynamic, the highest possible prize is achieved by betting the maximum credits and getting a color ladder to the Ace, also called the royal flush. Although we are going, being honest, this happens once in a million,

How are the Spins Played?

Do you still have doubts? Well, do not worry, here we will teach you to step by step how to perform the movements of Video Poker. The first thing you have to do is choose the number of credits you are going to play, for this you have to press the button to distribute cards (it will surely have the name of deal on the machine or the virtual platform). You will see five cards on the screen, and the goal is to get the best winning combinations represented in the prize table (this is the way to double your credits and continue betting more, or withdraw your winnings). After the five initial cards have appeared, you will have the right to discard, and this is one of the essential parts in Video Poker, you have to make the right decision that allows you to build a good game. You can discard one, two, three, four or the five cards if you wish (although of course, this is not the most recommended), they hold button will appear below each map, and you must press it on each card you want to keep. Then you will press the deal button, and the final hand will come out changing the cards not saved by the new ones. This is the moment that decides everything, if after this deal you get a winning combination of those that appear in the table, you will add credits corresponding to your bet, and what the chart indicates. But, on the other hand, if you do not achieve any of these combinations, you will naturally lose your bet.